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Jules Design is a Toronto Fashion Photography studio. We produce amazing fashion photography at a great price.

Toronto Fashion Photography Laid Flat, Ghost Mannequin and Clothing on Model. Colour Accurate

At the Toronto Fashion Photography Studio by Jules Design, we offer Laid Flat Garment Photography, Ghost Mannequin and Clothing on Model Photo Services. We can even supply the models.

With our network of models and clothing photography expertise, we make great fashion photography images that sell. Talk to us about Bulk Fashion Photography, Models, Ghost Mannequin, Lifestyle Photography, Laid Flat Garment Photography and more.

There are so many ways to photograph clothing…

We have so many great ways to do fashion photography.  The following are our most popular:

  • Flat Garment Product Photography
    In this method, the product is laid flat and we photograph the garment from over-top. We then “trace out” or remove the background out in Photoshop.  Tracing or masking an image does add cost to a photography project; but it really is an optional choice.  Some clients prefer products on a pure white background.  The less expensive alternative is an off-white that does not require the manual tracing process.
  • Ghost Mannequin Product Photography
    We take the garment and photograph it twice; once from the front and once inside out. Then we blend the two images together to make a single or composite image.  On completion, the merchandise appears to be on an invisible (or ghost) mannequin.
  • Doing Fashion Photography with Models 
    Here, we photograph the garment on a model. This method can be highly appealing as it is fast to execute.  Models can dress themselves  and they can easily adjust their pose to complement their attire.  Moreover, when the model looks cool, so do your garments.  Models can give your garment personality and appeal to a target demographic group.  In addition, unlike flat garment product photography, models can demonstrate how your product actually falls on your body and fits.

    Overtop Toronto Fashion Photography Studio

    Your fashion photography is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. At the Toronto Fashion Photography Studio of Jules Design, we are keen to propose creative alternatives

  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
    In this method, we shoot on-location inside or outside usually with models.  Nothing beats the authenticity of the “real world” to present merchandise.
    On-location projects usually require more preparation.  Choosing a site in of itself can be a challenge.   Will it be the Photographer or Client who finds the spot?  To do so requires effort and if the photographer must find the site, the work will likely be a factor in the final cost.
    If the shoot is in a public location, you may need a permit.  Moreover, you may have to stage or prepare the shoot location.  It the photography is outside, there may need to be a contingency plan for bad weather.  Additionally, outdoor lighting can be erratic and may thwart the consistency of the colour in the merchandise photographed.
    When it comes to lifestyle photography, there is a greater need to prepare; consequently, be ready for a bump in production costs for these types of projects.

The Cost for Fashion Photography

Ghost Mannequin product photography looks neat, but it is time consuming to produce and expensive.  It takes time to dress a mannequin and with the extensive Photoshop work required, it adds to the total production cost.  Because of this, a single ghost mannequin image can be quite costly to produce.

With this, I generally dissuade my Clients from using ghost mannequin photography unless there is a proven market and you know you will make your money back.  Because I want to see my clients get the best value in their photography investment, I always prefer to encourage the use of models.

The Best Value in Fashion Photography is on a Model

Customers buy online when they feel confident to buy.  We can elicit customer confidence when they have sufficient buying information; one way to achieve this is with more photos that clearly show the product.

Most customers would prefer to see a three clothing photos (front, side, and rear) on a model than one “nifty” Ghost Mannequin image. 

Toronto Bulk Fashion Photography

Bulk Fashion Photography by Jules Design can be as low as $6 per image with appropriate volumes or economies of scale. This includes: cropped, colour-corrected images, clean white background, in high-resolution and web-ready format.

It is interesting to note for the cost of about 20 to 25 Ghost Mannequin images, you could produce about 200 product shots on a model (attractive model included).  

The Cost to Hire a Model with Jules Design starts at $300

When you hire us to find your model(s), our prices are extremely competitive over the typical agency fees.   In fact, there is no comparison; our rates for models are drastically lower and often by as much as 80% . 

Our models are amazing and comparable in quality to what agencies offer.   Moreover, we wont restrict you with annoying copyright restrictions; we just don’t do that here.  You will own the images on payment in full.

Use the Fashion Photography method that works best for your brand

The purchase price is only one consideration when paying for your fashion photography method.  Choosing a fashion photography style that best suits your brand is a personal choice.  We recommend testing to see which photography style yields the best results.

Jules Design offers a wide array of options and fashion photography styles to accommodate your taste.  We believe that a distinct fashion photography style is an opportunity to differentiate and add value to your brand; consequently, we are always keen to propose cool new creative alternatives.

With any fashion photo shoot by Jules Design, we offer in-studio and on-location service.  Clients can participate in the photography session or just leave your garments here and we take care of the rest.  Our studio is located in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton.  Most often, we find that our Clients prefer to participate in the photo session to direct the creative output.

For your next Toronto Fashion Photography or Bulk Product Photography project contact Jules Design.

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Bulk Rates, Models, Ghost Mannequin, Lifestyle, Laid Flat and more

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