Toronto Cinemagraph Productions

Toronto Cinemagraph Photo & Video Production

Creative Design,
Cinematography & Editing
$100 per hour

Minimum Order $400 +HST

Cinemagraph Toronto Photographer Taking a Picture

Cinemagraph can have a little or a lot of animation.

We produce commercial cinemagraphs and other media formats to helps our customers sell product.

In a world of information overload, attention is a powerful tool to sell product.  Using cinemagraph images to harness your customer’s attention can be a viable solution.

Cinemagraphs are a special kind of image. They are typically static photos with a subtle movement.

Toronto Cimegraph Photographer

Jules Design is a Toronto Cinemagraph Photography studio. Cinemagraph pictures are currently a unique marketing tool and can be very effective at capturing customer attention.

The subtlety within the picture tends to give the reader pause and draws them into the photo. Unlike video, there is no audio; it is just an animated picture that can provide merchandise greater context and relevance. See:

Lifestyle photography in conjunction with cinemagraph are a natural fit. Images of people and product can be animated together to create visually fun repeating videos to demonstrate customer benefits.

Our Toronto Cinemagraph Photography service includes creative conceptualization, photography and image editing. For Instagram, we can produce animated videos as required by the platform. For all others, we produce animated GIFs that are accepted by most digital platforms.

This video above demonstrates inspiring ideas to present your product’s story or benefits via cinemagraphs.

Pricing is relative to the project scope and images can be designed to feature virtually anything. Stock photography and film can also be used to expedite the creative process.

Participate in the process

Customers are welcome to participate in the production of any cinemagraph photography project. The location of our Toronto cinemagraph studio is in central Toronto near Dufferin and Eglington. Alternatively, we can produce content offsite at your place of business or other location as required.

If you’re looking for an excellent Toronto cinemagraph photography company contact Jules Design. We are a reputable company eager to earn your business. Call us to discuss your creative concepts today!

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