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Ghost mannequin product shots take a while to produce as they require dressing a mannequin, two photos and lots of Photoshop editing.

The garment industry is a high volume low margin game.  To maximize profitability, merchants must minimize marketing contribution costs while keeping net revenues high.  As presenting garments is a necessary expense to sell product, you need a photography vendor that can help you produce clothing product shots at a feasible price.  Moreover, the photographer must be able to produce clothing photographs with accurate colours or customers may reject the product(s) on receipt.  Finally, the photographer needs to be able to make the garments look cool to attract and win customers.

Jules Design is a leading Toronto clothing photography company.  We produce fashion product photos cost-effectively and with high colour accuracy.  We offer clothing photography in-house at our studio or on-location; be it your business operation.

We have many methods to present clothing photographs, but our preferred is our bulk fashion photography service.  We offer this service most often in-house at our studio in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton.  Customer can shoot large volumes of products in a short time to produce clothing photos from as low as $5(+/-) per image. Indeed we can offer this service at your facility, however if we need to bring the studio to you, there is an added onsite cost.  Bulk Fashion photography is used by many national vendors including Old Navy, H&M, Club Monaco and many others.

Toronto Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography studioSome companies such as Banana Republic lay their garments flat and image them from directly above.  Jules Design can produce images like this, however the cost will not be as low as a bulk clothing photographs because the image must be manually traced out in Photoshop.  In addition, staging products takes time.

If we anticipate that you will be fickle regarding the staging of your garments, you should be directly involved in the photo shoot.  We don’t like re-shoots and if only you have the vision to get it done right, you should be directly involved in your garments photography project.

Toronto fashion photography studio

Toronto fashion photography studio where you can participate in your photo session.

The clients must heed caution before a clothing photo shoot to supply garments free of dirt, wrinkles or manufacturing imperfections as this may disrupt the workflow and add to the total project cost.

Some clients may seek alternative fashion photography methods for their catalogue work such as ghost mannequin photography.  As this photo service is costly to produce, we typically discourage this mode. Dressing a mannequin is cumbersome and is time consuming.  Moreover, ghost mannequin photos take more time to photo and edit.  Ghost mannequin product shots require two photos, manual tracing and creative editing.  If time is money, Ghost mannequin photography takes lots of time to produce and the net cost is accordingly expensive.  Many national retailers do not use this method with good reason as the production costs are high and the return on investment is simply not there.

As our studio is well equipped for fashion photography, for best value and quality, we generally recommend that you produce your projects at our facility.  Our studio space is optimized with appropriate equipment, lighting and working area for this sort of thing.

Jules Design provides model casting or we can tell you how to do it cost effectively.  Our service includes fashion photography, photo editing and pre-written model release forms.  For clients seeking to build a new marketing program, we offer procedural consulting to develop a brand guide for your fashion photography initiatives.

Many photographers will claim to have the ability to manage large fashion photography projects; however, few will have the experience or referrals to back up that statement.  Most photographers lack the workflow, equipment or even studio to initiate this type of project correctly.  Moreover, few photographers understand colour management or lighting as part of photography to produce consistent hues and flattering light.

For your next Toronto clothing photography project call Jules Design first.  We are experiences in this sort of thing and we will give you an unbiased perspective on how you may want to approach the project.  We offer in-house and on-location fashion photography service in addition to consulting to set up your own internal capabilities.

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