Toronto Group Portrait Headshot Photographer

Jules Design is a Toronto Portrait Photography company that produces exceptional in-studio and on-location headshot photography. We are apt at producing headshots for all types of assignments from academic and institutional portraits to downright zany headshots.

For Clients with large groups, we are cost effective and efficient.  We shoot about eight people per hour; in this period, we coach individuals on posing for a great portrait.  Moreover, we can also take a few pictures to help the subject pick a headshot they will approve and like.

Our shop rate is $100 per hour for photography and editing time. We charge $500 for installations; this cost includes packing and prep, delivery, install, tear down and return of the equipment. We do not charge our shop rate concurrently with the install cost.

Getting your headshot is much like public speaking. The subject often gets excited and tense.  Our goal is to relax the individual so they will take a good picture.  Headshots are absolutely contrived; we just do not want them to look contrived.  To do this, we suggest techniques to fake body language to present the very best self.  Moreover, we intentionally make the process fun to keep the experience pleasant.

For your next group headshot photography assignment, contact Jules Design.  We are a trusted brand to deliver excellent service and quality results.

Toronto Group Headshot Photography Service

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