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Toronto Fabric Swatch Product PhotographerThis is a photo of a fabric swatch.  It is a sample of the cloth used to make a garment.  It could have been used to produce furniture, curtains or a variety of other products.

Swatch product photos are useful as they present the fabric’s texture, colour and composition.  The colour part is a big deal.

At Jules Design we measure the light intensity and its colour; this is part of our colour managed workflow.  By doing this, we replicate colour with high accuracy.  So, when we photograph swatches, you’re customers are getting a very accurate rendition of the product’s appearance.  This will mean fewer returns and lower associated costs for you.

Swatch product shots are important.  Your customers will buy a garment based on its colour and texture.  And, in a digital world absent of physical presence before purchase, good product photos are one of the best alternatives to the real thing.  Accurate and beautiful images will drive sales and business revenue.

In addition to cloth swatch product photography, we also provide swatch imaging for tiles, acrylic, wood and an infinite number of other substrates.  Reflective materials are not a problem for us to photograph.

To get your swatch product photography done, simply send us your swatch books or call us to arrange a visit to your facility.  We will photograph all samples onsite and name each item relative to its sku or product name.

For excellent fabric swatch photography, contact Jules Marketing & Design Inc. We are a trusted Toronto Product Photography company with years of experience.  In addition to cloth and swatch product photography services, we also provide extensive marketing and graphic design services.  Use us to create the associated catalogue and marketing collateral to promote your product offering.

We provide French and English content creation, graphic design, video and creative writing services.  For more information on cloth swatch product photography, contact Jules Design.

Toronto Fabric Swatch Product Photographer

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