Toronto Food Stylist & Food Photography Service following GS1 Standards

 Toronto Food Stylist and Photography Service

Budgets and time are an innate constraint of all projects; food photography projects are no different.  Gone are the days when executives had bottomless budgets for complex photo marketing initiatives with top-heavy agencies.  Many large clients we serve today seek budget conscious solutions to present their merchandise.  They seek skilled contractors who can deliver projects on time, on budget, at a reasonable price and with reasonable convenience.


Jules Design is a leading Toronto Food Stylist & Food Photography Service following GS1 Standards.  We are a Toronto Food Photography  company serving some of Canada’s largest food brands.  We offer in-studio and on-location food photography.  Our service repertoire includes catalogue food photography following GS1 Canada ECCnet standards, document preparation, editing and file submission.

For clients seeking a Toronto restaurant food photographer for prepared foods, we offer food-staging services.  We have partnerships with some of Canada’s leading food stagers; however, for budget sensitive clients, we have and offer the capabilities to do it ourselves with quite effectively and excellent results.

Our approach to food photography is multi faceted.  Prior to the food photography session we will interview you to understand the project scope.  We will seek to understand how you wish to use the images and for which applications.

Clients may seek to use the food photographs as a lifestyle image for menus or with changeable functionality for dynamic billboards to promote various combo combinations.  Regardless of your needs, we will explore creative possibilities with you that you may not have considered.

Why should you use Jules Design vs. a Creative Agency?
There are two good reasons to circumvent an agency when doing a food photography project:

  1. Agencies are an added expense layer to the project.  And since we are skilled at managing the project, an agency will only add cost and bureaucracy in the project’s undertaking
  2. It is our experience that agencies bring very little value to a photography project. In short, they don’t know photography like we do and they often hinder the creative development between the photographer and client.  The best solution is to not get them involved.

For your next Toronto food photography project or GS1 Canada Food Service Imaging initiative contact Jules Design

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