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Toronto Furniture Photographer specializing in-studio and on-location photo imaging and editing.

Toronto Furniture Photo studio Product Photographer

We reflect white into the furniture metal to give it a silvery hue.

Our goal is to provide quality furniture photos that sells merchandise.

We provide an array of value-added services including on-location lifestyle furniture photography and graphic design. Use us to photograph, Photoshop and restore furniture items with significant colour accuracy.

On-location service

Should you require on-location furniture photography, kindly provide us with a working area of 30 x 30 feet. This is necessary to spread the light distribution and to minimize the lens distortion.

Reflecting Colour to get better image quality.

We reflect black into the wood to give the hues more impact. We reflect white into metals to give it a silvery appearance. We seldom use white backdrops (unlike other photographers) because it washes out colours.

Preparing for the Photo-Shoot

Markham Chair Product Photography

Standardize the way your company present merchandise with a cohesive picture marketing strategy

To keep your costs low, we recommend product preparation. Please clean the product before the photoshoot. Indeed, we can “fix” images with Photoshop, however, it is always best to have a perfect native image requiring little editing. If possible, have an air compressor handy to blow off the dust.

For customers with lifestyle photography needs, sketch ideas and collect photos of comparable images you like. This will help give us a creative direction. If you have a large project such as a web re-design, contact us to discuss your entire image marketing needs.

Your company is a cohesive idea or brand. Contact Jules Design to discuss a unified picture marketing strategy.

Toronto 1st dibs Antique Art Fine Approved Furniture Photographer

Jules Design is an approved and authorized Toronto 1st dibs Antique and Fine Art Furniture Photographer

For your next furniture photography assignment, give Jules Design a call.

Toronto Furniture Photographer

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