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Jules Design began as a graphics design company and we’re bringing it back in a big way.  Ten years ago, we offered graphic work exclusively, but photography began to consume all of our time.  Today as we are growing up, we have more resources to take on both business streams (photography and graphic design).

Toronto Graphic Designer Draft Web SiteWe are very excited about our new Toronto graphic design services.  As Jules Oille, the founder’s maternal tongue is French; one of our edges will include English to French translation services.  This is a big deal, as many graphic design companies do not offer this capability in-house.  Consequently, they outsource the translation and this tends to break up the graphic design production workflow.  Moreover, as designers often do not understand French, when they insert an unfamiliar language into a layout, it is easy to create grammar syntax errors.

As a product photography company, we have always offered graphic design services, however now the scope will expand to complete marketing collateral publishing.  The graphic design services we will offer will include:

  • Sell Sheets, Flyers and Catalogue Design
  • Business Cards and Post Cards
  • Package Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Exhibit Design (banners, displays, pop-ups)
  • Graphic Creation (logos, web art, layout etc)
  • Marketing Content Copy Writing
  • English to French Translation Services
  • PowerPoint Presentations

We are proud of the value we can offer our customers.  As most graphic designers work from their home, we operate from a studio.  Here, we are equipped with leading graphic design equipment and a colour managed workflow.  Most graphics designers simply don’t have this kind of gear.  Clients will immediately be able to assess our capability to deliver better output.

In the development of our new Toronto graphic designer offering, we started the draft web-page layout “old school”.  I like this method more than a big screen because you can get a better bird’s eye view of the entire page.

Here we are organizing the content on a large cardboard sheet with large Post-it notes.  This method makes it easy to play with, move around or change the flow of ideas.  This method is also great for planning timelines on video storyboards.

As a reputed Toronto graphics design company, we offer excellent quality design work at a reasonable price.  For a quote on any graphic design project, contact Jules Design.

Toronto Freelance Graphics Design Service

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