Toronto Jewelry Product Photographer

Toronto Jewelry Product Photography

Before you market jewelry, did you consider your photography costs?

A few times a week I get customers reaching out to me to quote on their jewellery projects.  They are usually new to the online marketing world with big ambitions and little experience.  I wrote this article to give prospective jewellery sellers some pointers.

Tip 1:
Provide your contact information
A pet peeve of mine is the neophyte who writes me asking for a price without any contact information in their email.  If I am about to give anyone any information that would be useful to my competitors, I definitely want to know who they are.   If you know who I am, I want to know who you are.  Moreover, if you cannot take the time to provide me your business coordinates, I don’t want to apply any mental energy towards your project.

Tip 2 Have a budget in mind
All too often, jewellery product photography is too expensive for these sellers at any price.  Why?  Because the seller did not factor in any marketing contribution costs in their business plan.  Jewellery photography (or marketing costs) is a real expense and must be considered with any business plan.

Often, prospective jewellery vendors buy a large inventory of product, with only a few of each; therefore, a modest $25 product shot is too big an expense to spread over two jewelry items.  Thus, jewellery merchants need to:

  • Reduce the spread of their inventory to reduce their photography costs or
  • Be ready to allocate greater marketing dollars to individual products.

Tip 3
Be easy on the discount requests
I price to win business, not to discount it; so please don’t ask me for a discount.  In some countries asking for a discount is normal; not here in Canada.  Unless there is a compelling reason to discount, such as a reduced workflow, I might give a discount; but generally the answer (especially for jewellery product photography) no discounts.

Why am I so militant about no discounts on jewellery photography?  Because it is hard.  Jewelry photography is photography at the microscopic level; so often we see things that are not visible to the unaided eye.   Dust, lint, fingerprints, tarnish or some other unwanted artifacts is found in a jewellery product shot.  Cleaning jewelry is hard and time consuming.

Staging Jewelry is also hard.  You need to manage what reflections are impressed on the metal and this is exceedingly difficult if the metal is spherical. Moreover, getting the product shot at the angle of view inline with the client’s vision is tricky; especially considering that some items such as ring can be top heavy.

Finally, editing jewellery product photos is difficult. Retaining the metals texture with the presence of unwanted markings, dust or reflections on the metal is difficult.  Not to mention that the jewellery item must be traced out- most customers want the jewelry on a perfect white background.

Toronto Jewelry Product Photography
Jules Design is a leading Toronto jewelry product photography studio.  If you plan on selling jewellery, keep in mind that jewelry photography is one of the most complex forms of product photography. We are skilled at photographing and editing jewelry but we don’t give our service away.  It takes skill and great equipment to do what we do .  If you want a qualified, trusted and insured team to shoot your jewellery with precision the fist time at a reasonable cost, give us a call.

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