Toronto Outdoor Lifestyle Furniture Photographer

Jules Design can help you source a location for your lifestyle furniture photography projects.

Toronto Faux & Real Lifestyle Product Photography Studio

Lifestyle photos are potent marketing pictures.  When products are shown in a real environment they have more credibility. 

But real lifestyle product photos can be expensive.  Finding a location, delivering product and equipment plus setting-up is time consuming.

For budget sensitive customers, Jules Design offers Photoshop services to create faux lifestyle product photography.

Options to produce lifestyle photographs

Toronto Studio sets for lifestyle photos

This is a set we built for a letter board sold on Amazon

  • Use or rent a real locations to conduct the photo shoot
  • We can build studio sets or
  • We can Photoshop the content into the image. 

Offsite Lifestyle Photographs

Shooting at a beautiful location to produce lifestyle image will always produce amazing results.  Moreover, Jules Design can help you find the coolest spots.

In turn, merchants can potentially benefit from increased sales.  For customers on a budget, seeking to produce your marketing content in-studio will likely be more cost-feasible.

In-Studio Lifestyle Photographs

To produce less expensive lifestyle images, Jules Design offers set building and advanced Photoshop work.  Albeit, real sets require construction time and props.  Also, Photoshop sets can sometimes look fake.  Often though, “fake” images are OK because they serves to deliver context or how the product is used.

Toronto Lifestyle Commercial Photography Studio

This set was built at the studio of Jules Design.

Customers should always remember that production time and budget will often dictate the quality of the final output. Projects with heavy set design or Photoshop work seldom fall below $400.

To get a better sense of the your project’s requirements, contact Jules Design
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We are Toronto Product Photographers and Content

Mississauga Furniture Photographer for Lifestyle photography

Fake Lifestyle photography for budget sensitive projects

Indeed, we are product photographers, but we see ourselves more as media content creators.

Put another way, we’re not focused on being a photographer. We are obsessed on creating content that sells.

In addition, we integrate graphic design into your product photographs to make your images more useful for more applications.  Use our product photographs to make sell-sheets, marketing promotions and exhibits. 

For your next product photography assignment requiring product and lifestyle images, contact Jules Design. We will give you a candid assessment of what is possible and what is not.

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Mississauga Amazon Lifestyle Photographer

This image was entirely made in Photoshop. It looks fake but it provides context to the merchandise. In this case, it is a baby photography blanket.