Lifestyle Product Photography Toronto Rates 

Amazon Lifestyle Photographer for sporting gear

Jules Design does Amazon lifestyle photography for sporting gear.

  • $100 per hour
    (studio included + $50 Studio Prep)
  • Models from $300
  • Locations, Site-Scouting (finding a shoot location) and Props Extra
  • Min Order $400 +HST
Lifestyle Photography Model on Pure White

Measure a lifestyle image by its impact, not it’s realism.


What is Lifestyle Product Photography?

Lifestyle photographs are images that depict things or people (with things) in a real-life situation.  It can be people drinking coffee in a restaurant, a piece of furniture in a living room, a woman applying cosmetics with a pure white background.  Essentially, lifestyle images depict a person or thing in a real-life situation.

Lifestyle images are powerful marketing tools because they have a meaningful impact.  When we see something in a “real” situation, we can better imagine it in our own lives.  

Wayfair Costco Toronto Outdoor Lifestyle Furniture Photographer Studio

Wayfair, Costco and Amazon are popular users of Lifestyle Furniture Photography

Lifestyle photographs are mainstream

Amazon and eCommerce merchants have made lifestyle photographs mainstream.  Like infographics, lifestyle photos can demonstrate the functionality, benefits, applications, and prestige of a product.   Moreover, many merchants such as Costco or Wayfair now require or prefer vendors to provide lifestyle images.

Realism is contextual when creating a lifestyle image

We can avoid the need for expensive studio sets and models with the creative use of graphics.  This consideration is important as shooting offsite can get very expensive very fast. 

Mississauga Amazon Lifestyle Photographer

With the creative use of graphics, Jules Design can subvert the need for costly models and studio sets.

Finding or building a shoot-location, plus setting up gear can get tedious, and cost overruns can quickly occur.  When planning lifestyle images, it is best to have a realistic idea of your budget and what you want to convey; from there, you can better assess your options. 

Models for Lifestyle Photography Projects

Having models is often a necessary component for lifestyle photograph; fortunately, there are many ways to get great talent.  

Your talent pool for models can include modelling agencies, friends, family and even you!  If you need other sources, many freelance models advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Kijiji. These professionals can range from amazing to not so good; that said, if you don’t mind a bit more work, their fees and terms are always much better than what you’ll get with an agency.


Jules Design also offers Lifestyle Video Design

Our studio is located near the DVP and Eglinton. Drop off your product here and participate in the photo shoot or simply provide us a creative mandate!

It is an excellent idea to meet and qualify the model long before the first photo shoot.  You absolutely want to make sure they are a good fit for the job.  Moreover, we recommend that you pay the models since a promise of compensation tends to make people more reliable.

Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Product Photographer

Bringing a studio off-site can be expensive. Many lifestyle photos can be orchestrated in-studio to produce images with incredible impact at a far lower production cost.

Agencies often deliver solid talent, but they are costly.  Moreover, they tend to commit clients to annoying copyright restrictions.  This obligation means that you need to ask (and pay) every-time you want to use or re-use the model’s photos.  For many business owners, these restrictions are irritating and they prefer to avoid them as much as possible.  

Ideas to save money for lifestyle photographs

Stock Art
Many paid and free sites offer free stock photos.  Use these images and re-purpose them to fit your lifestyle photography needs.  With a little creativity, using these images can save you time and money over orchestrating your own lifestyle photos.  

Producing your own lifestyle photos
If you choose to create your lifestyle photos, quality is essential.  Appropriate lighting, white-balancing, exposure, and composition matter.  Poor images can undermine your product’s credibility.  So it’s important to note that smartphone cameras usually cannot produce the quality of a proper DSLR.  For this reason, use a decent camera when producing your lifestyle images.

Legal consideration when producing lifestyle images*

Toronto Lifestyle Commercial Photography Studio

Jules Design can provide you with the creative direction to do a brilliant lifestyle photo session at our studio.

*Protect yourself from legal peril when creating lifestyle images.  The following are some considerations to make when creating lifestyle images: 

Photo-shoots in public places
Many public locations (such as malls and airports) do not permit camera work without written permission.  Some sites require fees or prohibit photography or video recording outright.   Subverting appropriate authorization could subject you to legal jeopardy.  Before executing your project in any public or private location, know the rules and seek the proper permits as required.  Failing to do so may put you at unnecessary risk.

Model Release Forms
If you plan to use people in your lifestyle images, you will need them to sign a model release form.  This document is a contract that permits you to publish their face for commercial use.  There is no sense in doing a photo shoot if the model will not allow you to use their photo. 

Toronto Lifestyle Photography Photographer

An outdoor lifestyle photo by Jules Design

The model release form may outline the compensation and usage terms of the modelling agreement.  This form governs how you will use the images, expiry dates of the contract and more.  If you plan to produce lifestyle images, the onus is on you to keep and preserve the modelling agreement in the event of a dispute.

There are many sites that provide model release forms over the internet.  A quick search will yield many free and paid alternatives.   Failing to secure a model release form could get you into trouble.  The model could seek compensation for damages if you used their image without evidence of their permission.  Whenever you use (or re-use) a model for any project, it is prudent to secure a new model release form for every project.

With the wealth of images available on the web, b
e sure to use pictures with the allotted copyright permissions.  Using someone else’s art without their authorization is a breach of copyright and akin to theft.  To minimize exposure, use licensed images or your own artwork.

Toronto Lifestyle Product Photography

Jules Design sources professional models for lifestyle photography projects

Our Toronto Lifestyle Photography Philosophy

Coordinating your lifestyle photography project can seem daunting; fortunately, Jules Design makes it simple.

With a simple conversation, we can assess your goals and budget to propose a variety of practical solutions.  With our network of models, graphics capabilities and studio, we can produce a series of lifestyle images that will serve you well.

Jules Design offers in-studio and on-location lifestyle photography.  We are equipped to provide fashion photography, video and product photos of all sorts.  We also specialize in creating lifestyle images for Amazon and other eCommerce sites.

Our studio location is near the DVP and Eglinton.  Clients are welcome to be part of the creative process and the photo session.  For more information on commercial lifestyle, photography contact Jules Design.

Toronto Lifestyle Product Photographer

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  • *The information contained in this article is not legal advice and is for informational and educational purposes only.
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