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Toronto SEO and SMM Marketing Company

We are a Toronto Social Media Agency with expertise in French and English Content Creation.  We create social media content for websites, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.  Unlike other agencies, we create original photo and video content in-house; this keeps you close to the creative process and markup costs low.

Why should you use Jules Design as your Toronto Social Media Marketing Agency?

We have a studio; most agencies do not

When an agency sends out your project to a third-party vendor, you end up paying more due to cost-markups. Moreover, if the agency does not understand photo and video, they will not adequately explore your needs to deliver better solutions.

At Jules Design, we have our own photo, video and French English translation capabilities; with this, you save money and maintain tight creative control.

Local Creative Agencies
Understand Local Markets

When a business sends their creative work to an offshore vendor, the feel of the message can get lost through custom and culture.  Any cost savings achieved are offset by revenues lost.

Always use local agencies to develop content for the corresponding regional market.  As Jules Design is a bilingual creative house, we are apt at creating proper Canadian French and English media for all of Canada.

For cutting-edge social media marketing content, contact Jules Design today.
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T: 647-997-2793

Your One-Stop Toronto Social Media Marketing Agency

Key reasons why we should be your social media content creator:

  1. Each Social Media site has its own ranking algorithm to distribute content; we know them
  2. Experienced in branding
  3. Local and easy to reach
  4. French and English translation services in-house
  5. Photo and Video studio in-house or on-location
  6. Creative services in graphic design, script writing, video and photo editing
  7. We tie graphics, marketing and written content altogether
  8. Amazing Prices
  9. We are a pragmatic marketing savvy bunch; we’re not just a bunch of creative flakes
  10. Highly reputed and trusted; we are insured and actively work with some of Canada’s biggest brands
  11. Visit out studio to assess our capabilities!

Be on social media not for search rankings but to build up your brand and to drive qualified traffic.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

There are many good reasons to have a strong social media presence; here are a few reasons why you need to be doing it:
  1. Google Rank

    Google determines your web site’s rank by the signals it receives throughout the web. When credible sites point to yours, Google puts you higher in the search results and that drives sales and revenues!

  2. Promote Your Product(s) & Brand

    Social Media sites are an excellent way to promote your product(s), brand and message. It is even better when your customers do that for you.  With sharing, the public can pass along your message to other like-minded potential customers!

  3. Stay Top-Of-Mind & Create Fans

    It is much less expensive to keep existing customers then to make new ones. Social Media marketing is a great way to stay forefront with new and current customers.  Better yet, social media is a GREAT way to seduce your competitor’s customers.

What is more important:
SEO or Social Media Marketing?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization / SMM: Social Media Marketing

Both are Important. SEO is used to drive your web site’s rank (in the search results) while SMM is used to create and maintain your fan-base via social media sites.

The Bottom Line

Social Media Marketing is an effective way to attract customers and drive sales. It is also a complex moving target.  Doing it yourself requires expertise not usually found in junior staff.

Hire the professionals today.  Contact Us  to discuss your Social Media marketing aspirations 647-997-2793

SEO Marketing in Toronto Google Signals
SEO Marketing in Toronto Google Signals

Prices & Social Media Marketing Services

Prices are estimates only and subject to the project scope

Toronto Social Media Agency Services Marketing Infographic

Social Media programs are more successful than “one-off” initiatives; however we do offer both.

Consider a Cohesive Social Media Marketing Strategy…

Starting at $1000 per month + advertising fees; get a dedicated professional to promote your services and or products.

Social Media Pricing made simple:

Photo, Video, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Strategic Planning:
  • From $100 per hour + HST
    Rush service with 5 business day turnaround add 50%

Proper human French / English Translation
  • Regular rate (7 business days) – $0.39/ word
  • Rush rate (5 business days) – $0.45 / word
  • Super rush rate (4 business days) – $0.50 / word
  • Should major changes be required a new quotation will be submitted and we will await customer approval before going forward.
Project size will have to be taken into consideration when determining the desired completion date

Minimum Order
  • $400 for photo and video projects. 
  • No Minimum for written and creative work.

Toronto Social Media Agency Marketing Services

Good written content matters

Good marketing writers are hard to find; especially those who write French and English copy. We produce bilingual content to inform and persuade. Tell us your business objectives and we will ingrain these attributes into your written marketing collateral.
Contact Jules Design for more details!

Quality media content is important

Good content attracts viewers that can convert into sales. Social Media marketing works best when you create useful and interesting content for your target community. Lets strategize together to create a media plan.
Contact Jules Design for more details!

Media Marketing

For many industries, mobile devices dominate the user experience. We produce content for desk, tablet and phone devices; let us help you.
Contact Jules Design for more details!

1000 Words- Visual SMM Marketing

You, your business, your products, your processes are interesting to your customers; how are your communicating that? Use photography, Video, graphics and written copy to reach out and relate with your customers. Use Jules Design to capture and distribute the content across the major social media channels!
Contact Jules Design for more details!

SEO & SMM Video Marketing

Video is instructional, personal, persuasive and entertaining; it is the best way to connect emotionally with your customers. As Google transcribes content, it is also a powerful SEO and SMM tool to leverage your web rank and customer rapport. Explore video with Jules Design.
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Graphic Design & SEO Marketing

Social Media marketing requires visual components to have impact. Jules Design produces the graphic design, video, photo and French and English media you need to bolster your business.
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