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How do you produce visually pleasing product photos for clear plastic containers?

Establishing an image with visual contrast with clear packaging is challenging for many product photographers.  Containers and caps must be back-lit to give the product a clean see-through appearance.  Too much light will blow out or over expose the product photo’s  image edges.  Measure the light to make sure you have just enough; measure the light to make sure the light is even on both sides of the product shot.

Black must be reflected into the edges to define the circumference.  Measure the light intensity and colour to make sure the colours are correct; measuring light Kelvins vs. using the Auto-White Balance feature on a camera will produce more accurate colours in a product shots.  Don’t forget to air and digitally clean the item to remove unwanted dust particles.

To build a group shot, shoot them individually to reduce staging time and unwanted reflections.  Photograph them at the same angle of view with a tripod; assemble them later in Photoshop.  Use consistent lighting across all product photos to maintain continuity.  Does product photography seem to complex?   Contact Jules Design.

Dermatology and Cosmetics Packaging Toronto Product Photography Studio

Jules Design is a leading Toronto Product Photography Studio with exceptional product photography rates.

Indeed, we are not the least expensive; nor do we want to be.  Great photography is a craft and takes time to do properly; even with bulk product photography projects, good output takes time.  Cost components for each project include at least the following elements:

  • Receiving the product
  • Creative briefing
  • Product Cleaning
  • Lighting Setups
  • Product Staging
  • Photography with expensive camera gear
  • Editing

A cheap price does not inspire confidence.  A slightly higher price allots more time to produce considerably better results.  Anyone can buy a camera; few know how to use it and even fewer understand graphic design expertise to produce better images.

Good photographers have great gear that cost money; camera ownership alone is not enough to make great product shots.  Hire an expert for your next Toronto product photography assignment.  Make an appointment to visit our studio to assess our capability.

Never hire a photographer without visiting their studio; make sure they are capable to serve your needs.

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