How to use bulk fashion photography to sell clothing online.

Bulk fashion photography by Jules Design is an in-expensive way to present elegantly large volumes of merchandise at a low cost per unit price.

I do lots of fashion photography and after doing it for over ten years; I can see some of the things that my customers do that yield success and the other things that do not.  These customers of mine sell product online and via traditional distribution channels.

Toronto Fashion Photography Bulk Catalogue Rates

Bulk fashion and product photography rates are about $5 per image relative to the project scope with economies of scale or with projects with 200 of more images.

To start off, the name of the game is profits.  You want to maximize revenues and minimize expenses.  In the book Ready Fire Aim, Michael Masterson talks about the notion of maximizing your product offering to establish multiple revenue streams.

So here is the nut: list lots of shit for sell.  Don’t just sell one or two products.  If you only list one of two items and one of them fails, you’re revenue potential is diminished.

Next: don’t spend huge marketing dollar on all your items.  Look for inexpensive solutions that present your product well.   A low expense ratio will mean higher profitability and lower wasted marketing dollars for unsuccessful products.

For example: an extensive traditional clothing photography project can be very expensive.  Especially when the client wants all of the product photos with the background removed or ghost mannequin images shots.  As some items will be winners and others wont, seek and use product photography and marketing solutions that will yield better returns on investment.

I get clients that ask me about ghost mannequin photography and 360 product shots.  Sure these look cool but this product photography style is labour intensive and costly; moreover, your ROI will suck.  For the 360 product shots and ghost mannequin images, your are looking at $50 per image +/-.  With bulk fashion photos by Jules Design, the cost can be about 10% of that price relative to the project scope plus getting the model.

Getting a model is not as hard or costly as you might think.  Agencies are a dime a dozen and there are many online modeling sites to source great models at a good price.  Ask Jules Design for more details on that.  We can source your model or tell you how to get your own.

To get back to the nut, merchants should throw tons to the market to see what grabs.  Don’t spend a bunch of money on a couple skus to test a product lineup.  The guys who only have a few products to offer the market often get only marginal results because all of their eggs are all in a limited number of basket.

Fashion Photography Studio in Toronto with best rates

A good clothing marketing strategy is to get many potential samples, photograph them all and see which ones get the most attention.  If the buyers buy, scramble fast to get those samples into inventory! initially tested their business model this way.  They created a cheap web site to see if people would buy shoes from them.  With inventory from a nearby store, people quickly ordered from their abundant product offering.  This test demonstrated a winning product lineup  and business model.  I really doubt this experiment would have been a hit if the vendor only had a couple of shoes on his site.  Get LOTS of good product shots at a great price via Jules Design and our bulk product photography offering.

Jules Design is a leading Toronto clothing photography studio.  We specialize in producing well-priced colour accurate bulk fashion photographs.  We produce images with a clean white or off-white backgrounds.

Because our workflow is efficient, our prices are accordingly low.  The quality is exceptional and appropriate for most catalogue

Mississauga Large Volume Product Photogaphy Studio Bulk Prices and Rates

At Jules Design, we engineer the photo session to be efficient to reduce the product photography production time and cost.

applications.  We achieve the best pricing with economies of scale with typically 70 or more photos.  Costing is relative to the project scope, however price points can range from  $6 +/- per image.  Customers seeking a higher grade of quality, such as a clipping path (the removal of the background) or advanced Photoshop editing may request this at additional cost.

We provide in-house photo studio service, however we can also photographed on location if required.  Please note though, as on-location work requires additional preparation, an onsite fee does apply.

Our fashion photography studio is conveniently located in central Toronto near the 404 and 401.  Clients may participate in the photo shoot, drop it off or simply mail it in.  If models are required, we provide casting services at additional cost; however clients often opt to bring in their own.  If the client has very specific requirements, they are encouraged to participate in the photo shoot to ensure that the project goes exactly per their expectations.

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