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Toronto SEO and SMM Marketing Company

Jules Design is a media production house specializing in commercial photography, graphic design and video.  After being a top ranked site for over 7 years, we decided to offer our expertise to the world. 
Contact us today to lift your online marketing presence.
Why should you use Jules Design as your Toronto SEO Agency?
We have proven results
We have proven SEO experience in lifting web sites in the search engine ranks.

We use modern tactics
We don't use crappy techniques that will get you penalized by Google. We create genuine content that will get you noticed and acknowledged by search engines and customers.

Local SEO Companies

Understand Local Markets

You can reach us anytime
Contact us anytime by phone, email, or schedule a face-to-face meeting. We are open communicators ready to discuss your account anytime.

Realistic commitments
We don't oversell and we don't make promises we can't keep. We are aggressively tactical, strategic and cautiously optimistic.

In-house media made here!
This is what we do best! Jules Design produces IN-HOUSE written, video, photo and graphic design content to promote brands!

We give a shit
We find that too many vendors don't seem to care much about the deliverables. We sure do and we'd prefer to provide awesome results over profits.

How will we lift your Google rank?

We recommend a blend of Social Media Marketing and SEO tactics. Your competition is after you and your customers have limited attention; you need our expertise to lift your online presence.

Step 1 - The basics

Despite the big promises made out there, an online reputationtakes time to build. For best results, we need your commitment and a working budget to create, improve and spread content about your business.

We will work with you to promote your business on the big social media platforms. Then, we will create good shareable content on and off your website. Media that people share is a signal to Google that your web site is good, authoritative and relevant; more important, it is worthy of a higher rank in its search results.

The content we create and distribute may include articles, graphics, video or photos. We may use modified stock or original graphics. The volume and quality of the work we produce is relative to your allotted budget. Our goal is to make content that will motivate action be it buying, sharing and discussions. In addition, we want to produce media that establishes trust or authority with a target community and the search engines.

We will likely want to optimize your web site for search engines and users. This is important because some content signals Google the relevance of your web site relative to a given search. We may talk about things like meta data, site maps, mobile sites, etc. We can project manage some of these larger updates with you at additional cost..

With focused SEO and SMM attention, in 30 to 90 days, you should see a lift in your web rank. As a result, you will have increased visitors and you should begin to experience more new business from online marketing.

Step 2- We build your quality link profile
Adwords marketing is expensive and arguably not that effective. We want to help you reduce this expense. To do so, we will build a credible list of good links that point to your web site. As Google begins to trust your citations, your rank will naturally lift in its position. Overtime, you will further reduce or eliminate your need for Adwords spending. Your revenues should continue to grow from increased qualified customer traffic.

As each industry is different, so must be your web marketing strategy. We will need to perform an analysis to learn how your customers find your business solutions on the web.

To this effect, we will commence a quality link profile for yoSEO is content Toronto SEO companyur business on the web. We will connect your site to niche searches, credible influencers and we will partake on your behalf in forums, blogs and social media posts. To add impact to your campaign, we welcome articles written by you or other subject matter experts. These contributions will leverage your professional stature and web rank.

SEO Marketing in Toronto Google Signals

Anatomy of Good SEO

Toronto SEO & Social Media Marketing Pricing

Toronto SEO Service Price Bundles
Be found on the top page of Google and other search engines. We deliver proven SEO results using quality links, content marketing and other Google signals.
  • Level 1 = $649 per month- Moderate
  • Level 2 = $1299 per month- Heavy
  • Level 3 = $2399 per month - Hardcore
We recommend SEO packages relative to the online competition in your industry. Each package is similar with the differentiator being volume and quality of content.
  • On-site SEO
  • Inbound Linking
  • Basic content
    High quality content available with Hardcore packages.
  • Inbound Links from Authority Websites
  • Reporting
  • NAP Listings/Sync/Updates
    Name Address Postal Code Listing
  • And other cool SEO stuff
SEO & SMM bundles are on a
3-month retainers program

HST not included

Results take time. Online Audiences, Trust and Authority must be grown. Search Engines must find your content and correlate it back to the target webs site. All services are highly customizable relative to your industry and business needs. We welcome special media projects to blast the market with your branded message.

Toronto Social Media Marketing Price Bundles
We make cool content to communicate with your target audience via Social Media.
  • Level 1 = $649 per month- Moderate
  • Level 2 = $1299 per month- Heavy
  • Level 3 = $2399 per month - Hardcore
We recommend the SMM package that will best help you best reach your business goals. We customize each initiative to the Client's needs; programs may contain:
  • Design & develop content including: Video, Blogs, Photography & Graphic Design

  • Posting content on the various Social Media channels including: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, etc...

  • Social Media Account Management including communications with your online audience, Facebook Ads, Social Media updates, posting, tweeting, create & Maintain Facebook Fan Pages

  • Optimizing Social Media content for sharing & SEO leverage

  • And other cool stuff!
Our SEO Search Engine Optimization & SMM Social Media Offering
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