Consistent colour should be a criterion for product photography; often it is not

Consistent Colour should be obvious criteria for good product photography; this, however, is not as common as one might think.  As light has intensity and colour, few product photographers know how to measure it.  This has big implications.

Consitent Colour Commercial Cosmetics Photographer Example

Product photographs across a catalogue look much better when it is consistent.

Variable colours and imaging styles look sloppy and reduce your organization’s brand equity.

At Jules Design, we measure the light in our product photography and personal portraits; in doing so, colours are accurate and unwavering. Skin tones look natural and we faithfully reproduce hues across the spectrum of your merchandise.

In hiring a graphics company for your business, companies should seek vendors who understand the integration of imaging and marketing.  Better marketing communication is achieved through consistent messaging.  If a brand is the perception people have of an entity, then picking an organization that can give you consistency should be a selection criterion.

Cohesive design includes sticking to the brand guide, understanding colour and knowing the rules and when you can break them.

As many graphic artists have limited knowledge in marketing, writing copy and more, it is exceedingly difficult for executives to expect good cost-effective creative development from a small team or a single individual.

Qualify your next design partner by meeting them face-to-face; nothing exceeds the validation of skill over an in-person meeting. Visit our studio to assess our colour managed workflow, equipment, insured services, facilities and general working aptitude.  We pride ourselves in being people that are easy to work with, innovative and yield leadership in direction when it is needed most.

For your next commercial photography product or business, portraits call Jules Design.  We specialize in producing product photographs as design elements for graphic design.  Additionally, we offer creative services to utilize your images for web, print and social media marketing.

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