Don’t be a Cheapo when sourcing a product photographer.

You get what you pay for.  This neatly applies when you hire a food or product  photographer.

Food Photographer and On-location Toronto Markham Mississauga product photographer

Jules Design can set up a photo studio at your place of business anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area or shoot at our central Toronto studio!

I am a Toronto product photographer.  There is no dancing around it, to do what I do well, I need good lights, camera and other reliable gear to take great product shots. 

Product photography equipment costs money; so I need to charge a reasonable fee to buy the gear to produce the product photos you’ll want.

To the newbie buyer, the cost is too high at any price.

Semi-frequently, the newbie who has never bought photography services will balk at my price for being too high.  I sincerely believe no matter what the cost could be, I’ll always be too expensive.  As a result, the customer will seek out other less expensive alternatives to produce his product shots.  He might even try to do it himself thinking that product photography isn’t really that hard (ha ha ha).

Essentially this green buyer lacks the insight to qualify capability; he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

Our Toronto Food Photography Studio strives for accurate vibrant colour in all of our product photography.

Like in any industry, there will always be the bottom feeder vendor who grasp at any opportunity.  So the amateur photographer and newbie meet and an ill-fated business relationship is made.

The customer and vendor will orbit around the topic of price to no end.  Both fail to understand that the core purpose of the product shot is to sell merchandise.  So no matter how much money is saved, no value is derived if you did not achieve your business objective of selling the goods in the onset.

A good buyer purchases value and respects the opportunity cost

Toronto Product Photography and Cake Food Photographer

Consistency is beautiful. Where applicable, Jules Design photographs the product at a consistent angle of view to present your merchandise with continuity.

A seasoned business professional appreciates consistency, quality, dependability and a frictionless business transaction.  Because they know that time and energy are scarce resources, buying from a shabby vendors is more than a drain on the stated price.  It takes your time and focus away from other valuable opportunities.

The price sensitive buyer will eventually change his ways, perish or seek out a new vendor to redo the initial product photography assignment.

If you select Jules Design as your product photographer, we won’t be the lowest price; but we will be a dependable vendor.  We will produce images that meet your business needs.  Moreover, your business transaction will be smooth; best of all, our commercial photography rates are reasonable.

If you require any kind of product photography, food photography, fashion photography and other related commercial services give us a call.  We also provide graphic design services to leverage the impact of your product photos.

Jules Design is well equipped to produce onsite or in-studio product photography.  Our studio is located near the DVP and Eglington.

For your next Product Photography or Food Photography project contact Jules Design.

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