You don’t always need a food stylist to produce food photography.

Our clients often ask if they need a food stylist; we usually recommend against it.

A good book on food photography and food stylist arts.

Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera. A good book on food photography and food stylist arts.

I am a Toronto food photographer; I’ve been doing product and food photography for over 12 years. Seldom do Food Stylist bring value to the project that we cannot achieve on our own.

Right off the bat, if the customer is very busy and needs an extra set of hands for the project, then having a food stylist on-hand is useful.  If, however, the food stylist is needed because the customer requires some food styling expertise, I may encourage the customer to save their money and think twice.

Often when food photography services are required, the customer who is hiring me is very adept in the kitchen. With a good premeditated plan, we can stage plates together that look better than the real thing.

Indeed, I use a few food photography “tricks”, but it’s not rocket science. I can easily communicate these tips to the customer in preparation of the assignment.

If you aspire to do food photography, go to Amazon and buy a related book on the topic. A good one I recommend is “Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera”.  Moreover, buy a hardware tool box and fill it with the tools and things you will need.  Many books out there outline outlines the essential tools a good kit should have.

If you and your client (on the other hand) do not have the composition creativity to make mouth watering food photographs, then hire a food stylist. Most charge about $100 an hour; however, this price may vary depending on your region.

Tips on your first food styling job

Toronto Pastry Cake Food Photographer

Toronto Food Photographer Jules Design “We almost never need or use a a Food Stylist”

If you are a photographer, and you want food photography to be a part of your regular offering, I would recommend that you work at least once with a reputed food stylist.  This will give you some insight and experience to provide this type of service.  It’s also a great investment in yourself.


Finally, learn Photoshop.  I like to shoot as if I will not be using Photoshop.  Of course, I will but, but taking this mindset forces me to make beautiful images in the onset.  The less editing your images need, the faster will be your workflow and the better your photos will appear.  Think of Photoshop as a tool to enhance your images and to correct errors in a worst-case scenario.

About Our Toronto Food Photography Service…

Jules Design is a Toronto food photography operation. We provide in-studio and on-location commercial photography. We produce a variety of food photography picture styles to accommodate your business needs.

We offer staged food photography; meaning, that we can garnish your dishes with an ornate background to give it a lifestyle feel. Alternatively, we can cut out the dish from the background to make it a useful graphic for various marketing uses.

If you are looking for a great Toronto food photographer, contact Jules Design.   We also provide graphic design services to leverage the impact of your product photos.  Our studio is located near the DVP and Eglington.  For your next Product Photography or Food Photography project contact Jules Design.

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