The Risk of doing your own SEO or hiring a mediocre vendor

Social Media Reputation RecoveryYou work hard to build your business and your marketing efforts should yield positive results.  You can go out there and purchase the very best marketing services, get an ok vendor or just do it yourself.

In the ok vendor or do-it-yourself scenario, the first question you need to ask yourself is if you have the skills to do it on your own.   Moreover, if you do it on your own, will your efforts yield any decent and measurable results?  Will your efforts generate a return on investment relative to the energy you put into the work? If you are uncertain and do not think you can, it might be worth hiring a pro.

Many so-called experts that push SEO services do not care much about the content they put out for their clients.  Instead, they use out-dated tactics to fill an order.  Tricks such as putting out dubious backlinks wherever possible, fake likes and other weird things are risky propositions that can get you penalized by Google.

There is evidence that indicates that Google’s crawl tools are becoming ever more intelligent at detecting bad content.  Sub-standard content runs the risk of getting you a penalty.  This “bad stuff” may include terrible or irrelevant content on unrelated sites, excessive and repetitive backlinks, and overused keywords.

As a commercial photographer, our business is in it for the long term.  We write good content always.  This is a matter of ethics and branding.  Put good stuff out to the world and good stuff comes back to you.

At Jules Design, we love commercial photography and we love to write about it.  Our passion injects itself into our work and people take notice. Our blogs lifts our website and knowing this, we can do the same for you with our SEO business.

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