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In-studio Catalog Furniture Photography by Jules Design

Toronto furniture photography prices

  • $27 per image (Simple items like chairs or mini ottomans)
  • $100 per hour + $50 set for complex items

Prices include a faux shadow, high colour accuracy, web-ready and high-resolution images.   Studio images feature a pure-white background and a transparency layer for graphic design overlays. 

$400 Minimum Order.  Price does not include HST



Bed & Furniture Photographer Brampton Markham Toronto We offer in-studio and on-location furniture photography for indoor and exterior projects.  We specialize in making highly colour accurate catalogue and lifestyle furniture photographs.

Location Scouting for Lifestyle Furniture Photography

If you require a real home to photograph your furniture give us a call.  Lived-in homes make great lifestyle furniture photographs.  Jules Design can help you source location(s) relative to the needs of your project.  As there are many beautiful homes in the Toronto area, there is a home-style well suited for your project. 

Toronto On-location Furniture Photography Service

Beautiful homes are available for rent to create beautiful lifestyle photographs of your furniture. Options range from Airbnb to Movie set rental services.

Toronto Photoshop Fake Lifestyle Furniture Photography Studio and Graphic Design

We offer Photoshop “fake” lifestyle photography for Clients with limited budgets.

For budget sensitive furniture photography projects

Clients with limited budgets may choose to conduct their furniture photography projects in-studio.  As equipment does not need to be delivered and installed, production costs are less.  Moreover, we can produce faux lifestyle photos using Photoshop.

Professional Furniture Photography Quality

Do not hire amateurs to photograph your furniture.

Furniture photography requires equipment and skills that most photographers do not have. We are cautious to produce images with even light distribution, minimal light source reflections, and accurate colour.  In addition, we are insured.  Accidents happen and we are covered if something happens.

After the photo job, you will need graphic design services…

Toronto Carpet Photographer

Jules Design does carpet photography with even light distribution, highly accurate colour and minimal distortion.

The modern photographer is a content creator.  Therefore, they need to know how to integrate photography into pending graphics work.  With expertise in creative services, Jules Design understands how to best tie your new image creation into collateral creation.  We can assist you to develop a cohesive image marketing strategy.

Getting Started- the next steps…

Jules Design produces furniture photography services on-site or in-studio. Our studio is located in Central Toronto near the DVP (404) and 401.  Drop off your product with us and we can take care of the rest.  Alternatively, you can participate and direct the photo shoot. 

For your next furniture photography in Toronto assignment contact:

Jules Marketing & Design Inc.


Markham Chair Product Photography

Standardize the way your company present merchandise with a cohesive picture marketing strategy

Toronto Rental Homes Sets for Lifestyle Furniture Photography

Contact Jules Design for rental homes sets for lifestyle furniture photography

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