Toronto Office Supplies Product Photographer for e-Commerce & Print


Toronto Office Supplies Product Photographer for e-commerce and Print
Jules Design is a leading Toronto Office Supplies Product Photographer company.  We produce product photos for e-commerce marketing, catalogues and print.  Our expertise is in producing graphic design ready images for marketing use.

We offer excellent commercial photography at reasonable rates.  Clients may opt to drop off the product here, participate in the photo shoot, or simply mail it in.  Customers can provide us creative direction by mail, phone us up, or come here and tell us in person what you would like in your e-commerce product photos.  Our studio in conveniently located near the cross hairs of the DVP and Eglinton in Toronto.

Communication is important to us; this is why we encourage Clients to visit our studio.  Meet with us to assess our capabilities and to outline your creative direction.  Unlike many commercial photographers, we operate from a true product photography studio; not a house, garage, shed or basement.  Moreover, we don’t hide behind email.  We strive to answer the phone and provide timely response to your emails.  Our preference in communicating is via conversation because it is more efficient and effective at capturing the nuances of emotions.

Our Product Photography service includes product preparation, staging, imaging, Photoshop editing and file preparation.  File preparation means supplying you with the files in different formats for different marketing uses; this may include files for print, web or marketing press releases.

Product shots by Jules Design typically include images on pure white with the background removed with or without a shadow or reflection.  Although we can anticipate how you may use our commercial photography images, it is always useful if you share your applications and vision with us.

Toronto Office Supplies Product Photographer:

Jules Marketing & Design Inc.
25 Hollinger Road Unit 8
Toronto Ontario
M4B 3N4

T: 647.997.2793

E: [email protected]