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Toronto Speedup WordPress SEO ServiceMore highly ranked sites today use  WordPress than any other web engine.  Trouble is, WordPress can get bogged down and slow.  Especially if your site is media and graphic heavy.  A slow web site can hurt your business in many ways.  To state the obvious, nobody likes a slow web site and Google knows that.  Customers get irritated and a slow site will affect your company’s Google rank.

WordPress can be elusive to speed up.  There are countless and dubious plugging, services and settings to speed up your site.  Moreover, companies that hosts your web site (your hosting company), may not be configured or capable to correctly host your new WordPress architecture.  We know how to fix slow WordPress sites.

Starting from $999.99, we can assess you site’s performance and we can get your web site to perform faster.  As there is a link between your web site’s performance and your web site’s page rank with Google, we offer WordPress speed optimization as part of our on-page SEO service.

As part of our on-page SEO service, we will look at your web site to access if it is correctly communicating to your web audience.  Customers and Google are evaluating your on site speed, keywords, readability, meta-data, content and more.  Our role is to access and fix your site’s issues relative to your defined scope and budget.

Keep in mind that web site development is a massive and ongoing job.  It requires constant adjustments and new content.  If you are in a highly competitive industry such as trucking, dentistry or injury law, expect to pay for an aggressive and ongoing SEO campaign as part of your marketing mix.  You should NEVER expect quantum SEO results as a result of a one-time cash outlay.


Proven SEO capabilities that we can demonstrate!

Jules Design is a Toronto WordPress Speed Optimization and SEO company with proven results.  We have demonstrated how to use Search Engine Optimization to attain our marketing objectives.  As many SEO companies tout capability without substantial evidence, we can prove our competence beyond a doubt.


The Investment Cost for Toronto SEO Services

Many SEO companies may suggest that a onetime investment is necessary to establish a presence on the web; this is not true.  These are the same people who will also persuade you to buy a series of low quality backlinks to your web site; buying these is risky and may subject you to a Google penalty or ban.

We view SEO philosophically.  We do not under-estimate the artificial intelligence capabilities of Google; it is for this reason that we are ardent believers in quality content, quality links, a fast web site and a good user experience.  Anything less could undermine your web site’s long-term viability.

If you are looking for a great Toronto WordPress Optimization Company to speed up your WordPress site; then give us a call.


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