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How do you produce visually pleasing product photos for clear plastic containers?

Establishing an image with visual contrast with clear packaging is challenging for many product photographers.  Containers and caps must be back-lit to give the product a clean see-through appearance.  Too […]


Toronto Restaurant Food Photography Mississauga Food Photographer


Toronto Restaurant Food Photography Service

Delicious food is often a well-honed craft.  As careful preparation is required to make it, a great photo is powerful at eliciting appeal.

Good food photographs help communicate the value of the product.  Use them as design elements for menus, catalogues, web, billboards and more.  […]


Toronto Jewelry Product Photographer

Toronto Jewelry Product Photography

Before you market jewelry, did you consider your photography costs?

A few times a week I get customers reaching out to me to quote on their jewellery projects.  They are usually new to the online marketing world with big ambitions and little […]